List of products by manufacturer L&W Compressors

  • The sound insulated LW 570 ES is a very slow running compressor with very low maintenance intervals and maintenance costs. It is suitable for continuous operation and comes fully wired with star / delta connection. The 4-stage compressor block is very reliable and is used for large and professional applications. It allows a max. pressure of 420 bar (as an...

  • The industrial compressor LW 720 E is suitable for breathing air applications and for large capacities. 

  • Protect yourself, your employees and customers against the risk of exploding bottles. With the new L&W safety filling cabinet, the filling process is completely safe and without danger. The fear of decrepit or defective bottles has already implemented in many countries a provision for the explosion as a result.

  • The wide range of L&W filling panels has established itself as an industry benchmark for optimum design with an extensive list of features. The modular design guarantees that filling stations can be extended to adapt to your future requirements. 

  • Using the partial pressure method, Nitrox and/or Trimix can be mixed and filled safely, easily and accurately using our Pro or Classic filling panels. The panels are tested and certified for 100% oxygen and/or helium mixing for all your breathing gas requirements. Practical valve and gauge layout makes operation easy to learn and use.

  • Nitrox membrane systems are based around a special semi-permeable „filter“ called a membrane. The membrane is fed with very clean, low pressure air. 

  • Storage tanks are frequently used to provide extra filling capacity during peak periods. 

  • The new Puracon Mobile BA is the professional solution for mobile monitoring of Humidity + CO + CO2 + O2 and VOC* (Oil).

  • Puracon Stationary PRO is the professional solution for humidity monitoring during the filling procedure. The PRO version provides separated sensor and display unit. The sensor is connected directly to the high-pressure line after the humidity filter and is linked to the display unit via a data cable.

  • The newPuracon Stationary PRO BA/ PRO CO2 is the professional solution for mobile monitoring of Humidity + CO + CO2 + O2 and VOC* (Oil).

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