Control Panels  

  • The Kirby Morgan KMACS-5 2-Diver Air Control System with Communications controls the diver's air supply, communications and monitors the diver's depth. It allows two divers clear push-to-talk (two wire) or round robin (four wire) communications. Also available is the Kirby Morgan KMACS-5 Air Control System 5 without Communicator.

  • DIVATOR MKII is designed to endure extreme temperatures and is proven by years of trouble free use by professional divers from the arctic to the equator. The easy-to-read pressure gauge and the regulator are approved for use in cold waters. 

  • DIVATOR DP1 features a unique patented supply hose solution and a surface supply dive control panel enabling rapid deployment in remote locations. DP1 is a surface supply dive system with a operating pressure of up to 300 bar / 4350 psi to the diver

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