Gas regulators 

  • The ACG+ is a unique multi-sensor gas compressor analyser available as either a fixed or portable monitor (commonly used 'inline' on air compressors) - ideal for all your breathing air requirements.

  • The O2EII Pro (the successor of the O2EII) is a NATO codified portable O2 checker, generally considered to be the most reliable nitrox analyser on the market.

  • Adsorption dryers from L&W dry the compressed air to a pressure dew-point of -25°C, -40°C or down to -55°C and are optionally available with additional activated carbon adsorber. In the dry, highly undersaturated compressed air the condensation processes are not possible and thus no formation of liquid water can take place at temperatures above the...

  • Nitrox membrane systems are based around a special semi-permeable „filter“ called a membrane. The membrane is fed with very clean, low pressure air. 

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